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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bringing Organization to Your Desk - TGJ Hobbies Kickstarter

I don't push Kickstarters very often but I have seen this product in person and met the guys who are involved. We all go through various permutations of organization on our workbenches. My current iteration uses paint racks and drawers from Basius in Australia (that was a hefty shipping charge). Had TGJ Hobbies been on the scene when I was looking into this they would have gotten all my money.

While these racks are actually to deep for my main workbench they would fit well on my secondary workbench which is considerably deeper. What I really like about these racks is that they are constructed from finished plywood rather than MDF and can be stained (I recommend before assembling them). They are quite sturdy and the modular design allows you to create a variety of configurations to fit your horizontal and vertical space as well as choice what you need to accommodate your various brands of paint.

See get on over and check out their kickstarter: TGJ Hobbies Kickstarter

This is an example of every thing but the kitchen sink

An example of a custom cut. They did these as an exclusive item available only at ReaperCon. This is an initial test run, The logo came out quite a bit darker on mine.


  1. I've seen your painting table and you are the model of tidy. My system would horrify you. I've paints in ziploc baggies that are kept in a single large file case. I know, I can hear you screaming from over here.

    1. It only looks like that because I only take pictures after I have cleaned up! You should see the disaster on my desk right now! A good chunk of my paints are kept in my travel kit (A large scrapbooking carrier with wheels) and in a couple of toolboxes, And yes in ziplock bags. I know your pain!

  2. We tried out (and subsequently ordered) the TGJ paint racks at Reapercon, they were fantastic!! I am eagerly awaiting their arrival! I never thought about staining them, though! Great idea.

    1. I haven't decided what color to stain mine yet and I need to get some more components so it will fit nicely into my secondary painting area.