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Monday, May 4, 2015

ReaperCon 2015 - Day 3

Saturday is the big event day at ReaperCon. While there is a small flurry of entries being entered for those that can only be there on Saturday 95% of the judging has been completed and we are busy trying to figure manufacturer awards and Sophie Trophies. There is a banquet at 6 and the awards ceremony in the main hall at 8.

The vendor hall is quieting down as people move over to the stage area

Some last minute checks of the entries in the competition room. We ticked over 500 entries this year from 137 entrants.

Jennifer Haley's spot, she must be off teaching at this point

The crowds begin to gather. The monitors in the center have been displaying the entries in the contest over the weekend.


Ali Bailey, Jessica Rich and Erin Hartwell prepare to pass out the awards as they are announced.

A bit of cheering as Anne Foerster takes the stage. Oh and the BONES III kickstarter was announced Friday night.


  1. Great to see all the goings on from the con. I'm very interested to see all the finished picks of your entries. I also had a question for you about transporting figures when flying to a con. I'm looking at options for transporting my Warhammer army as a carry on. If you have the time we can converse however it is most convenient for you.

  2. Hi Sean, just email me at heisler@comcast.net and we can see what we can figure out. A lot is going to depend on how big the army is. There are a lot of restrictions on carry on sizes.