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Friday, May 1, 2015

Setting Up ReaperCon 2015

I arrived Wednesday morning after a night of no sleep. My first goal get my vendor area setup in time for my vendors to be able to setup at 3pm. We setup the pipe and drape and the hotel moved in the tables and skirting. That part went easier than expected although we didn't manage to get power to the booths before it was time for the meet and great BBQ at the Reaper facility. It was a very long day, as I was pushing 40 straight hours without sleep. I definitely crashed hard that night.

Here are some photos of the convention, should give you a better idea of how much space we allocate to painting compared to gaming.


Kit and Bryan get registration setup

The Big Board shows where everything is supposed to go

Artists' with new lamps this year. Very high tech

The far end of artists', most of the sculptors are sitting down here

Open painting looking towards the main entrance to the vendor room

Open painting from the end of artists' row

Open painting looking towards the far end of the vendors' room
Vendor Hall



Frontline Gaming

TGJ Hobbies
Painting Competition
More room, hoping for 500+ entries this year

A serious discussion about how to handle the number of expected entries. Note that the tables are lower, this is before we put on the leg extensions (made from PVC pipe) to bring them up to viewing height

Painting competition registration. Raised two of the tables up so its more comfortable for the photographer. Note our massive lightbox, We can handle up to 2'x2' sized entries in this one.
And that's pretty much the end of Wednesday, an "unofficial" con day. I meant to take pictures at the meet and greet but my phone died.


  1. Hope ya get some rest, Kris, we ain't getting younger! ;)
    I also hope this con keeps going as I'd like to attend after hanging up my ruck!

    1. I do tend to burn the candle at both ends at these shows. I'll catch up a bit on Monday and Tuesday. I don't think there is any worry about this show shutting down anytime soon. You should get your chance.

  2. Impressive ! would like to go in such an event !

    1. Come on over then. We had folks here from Australia and New Zealand this weekend. Its worth the trip!

  3. That light box is massive!

    Looking forward to more posts about this, ReaperCon seems like a great time.

    1. It is huge, we can shoot some 2'x2'x2' in there. It is a great time, you should come next year.