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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monster Modelworks - The Brick Freight House Background Flat Kit

I received a note from Monster Modelworks that they were discontinuing a kit that I wanted. So I figured I better get it while I still good. I love the products from this company, they really know how to put a laser cutter through its paces. This is basically the dockside of their Freight House kit (which I think is also discontinued). The back edge of my version of the Patch, is only about 3" deep so this will represent one of the industries on that back side. I think I need to go finish my Freight House before I start this one though. I should finish laying track and get the layout into place too. So much to do, so little time.

Here is a quick look at the kit. 

Nice sturdy box, I love sturdy boxes

Three sets of instructions to get you through the kit. Don't worry two of them are about how to paint and weather it.

Sealed backs of parts. Despite the complexity it should go together pretty quick

Close up on the brick detail.
Definitely looking forward to getting this one together.


  1. Really nice looking kit and that detail on the brick is excellent. They give you plenty to work with!

    1. I love what they do with a laser. The brick on my "Steady Lads" diorama use their brick sheeting. Wonderful stuff.