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Monday, August 28, 2017

A Night at Mile High Stadium

This is my second visit to Mile High Stadium. The first visit was to see the Packers play the Broncos in an exhibition game way back in 2001 the first year it opened. My second visit was Saturday again to watch my Packers take on the Broncos. The end result was a 17-20 Packer loss but I did finally get a chance to see Aaron Rodgers play even it was only for two possessions. The first time I was in the south stands about half way up (below the huge jumbotron). This time we were nearly at the top of the stadium row 34 out of 36 but the view of the field was great and we were almost on the 50 yard line.

There he is, the Packers had the first possession of the game.

Lined up for the first snap

And Action!

A look at the elevation here in Denver

The sun is going down fast

I like the reflection off the horse


The moon is visible by the 3rd quarter

Up and down these stairs is interesting, quite steep!