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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ACW Project - The Cavalry Arrives - Nineteenth Century Miniatures

I took a big breath and pulled the trigger and ordered the cavalry I needed to play the first day of Gettysburg at the regimental level if I so desired. Its a lot of cavalry, I'm guessing that I won't need anymore cavalry unless I decide to do Brandy Station and someone else will need to provide the Confederate Cavalry for that one! The choice for these troops was between Blue Moon and Old Glory 15s from Nineteenth Century Miniatures. I put pen to paper and grabbed the calculator and figured out that the Old Glory 15s were the best deal for me, and yes I did calculate the army discount from Old Glory Miniatures, but since I didn't purchase it the first time through I had to add the $50 cost of that back in. It was made even easier since the bulk of my Union army is already made up from Old Glory 15s some dating back to the original production runs back in 90s when they were first released.

After much trial and tribulation on the shipping they arrived on Saturday. The shipping issue was totally my fault, I managed to merge my new address with my old address and created a brand new does not exist address. So the package was actually returned to Nineteenth Century after spending about a week in Denver. Fortunately I was watching the tracking information and sent the right address and Nineteenth relabeled the box and turned it around quite promptly so kudos to Nineteenth Century for covering my screwup.

I also took this opportunity to do a quick comparison in size between Blue Moon's "The Blue and the Grey" miniatures and Nineteenth Century's ACW Old Glory 15s.

Its not all cavalry. I filled out my artillery with 12# Napoleons, 3" Rifles and 10# Parrotts. There are also a four bags of infantry including a bag of Zoaves just for something a little different.

From the Cavalry Command package; bugler, officer and standard bearer

Also from the Command package; dismounted officer, standard bearer and bugler

From the dismounted cavalry package; four horses and a horse holder. Old Glory 15s only includes two horse holders and four horses total in a dismounted cavalry bag. Fire and Fury rules call for four horses but by just going with two horses per marker than I will have plenty of horse holders for the dismounted versions of each regiment.

On the left and Old Glory 15 horse holder, on the right a Blue Moon horse holder. Its a pretty significant difference and I had always considered Old Glory to be large. For this reason I'll probably just use Blue Moon miniatures for markers on the battlefield rather than troops.

On the left are the Old Glory 15 horses, on the left are the Blue Moon horses. Again noticeably bigger. I only ordered one bag of horse holders from Blue Moon through Old Glory Miniatures they should slot in just fine with the rest.

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