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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Addition to the Family

We made the plunge and acquired a used puppy over the weekend. We have an older dog, Hobbes, who is not doing well. So obviously the best thing to cheer Hobbes up is a sweet young puppy to mentor.
Phoebe, 4 months, Great Pyrenees
We called the Pyrescue, where 4 out of 5 of the Pyrs have come from, and they did, fortuitously, have a stray puppy that had just arrived from somewhere in MO. We grabbed two of the other dogs, Hobbes can't really travel at this point, and traveled down to Peyton CO to make a visit.

Everyone managed to get along so we headed home with three dogs in the Jeep, so it was a bit crowded (fortunately we had elected to take one of the JK unlimited jeeps and not the red two door TJ).

Phoebe is about 4 months old, and is just starting to lose her puppy fur, so she is still very fluffy. You can see her adult coat starting to come in on her back. She is a very laid back puppy, but quickly managed to claim all the dog toys in the house as her's.

The rest of the clan

A younger picture of Hobbes, now somewhere between 10 and 13, Great Pyrenees

Sadie 8 years (and my son's dog so a frequent visitor), Catahoula Hound/Australian Heeler mix

Peyton, 5 years old, Flatcoat Retriever/Border Collie mix
Kahlani (Lani), 2 years old, Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix
She's a big girl too pushing 120# now.
Those that have come before

Porthos, Nov 1996 - Nov 2008, Great Pyrenees

Babe, July 1996 - June 2008, Great Pyrenees

The pair together, almost inseparable.
And Larry
Larry in the middle of the bed, Lani looking forlorn

Okay fine, you can have the bed if I can have a corner

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