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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Acquisition - Seth Thomas Vintage Clock

There was an estate sale right around the corner from the house on Thursday. I have never been to one so my wife and I looked through the pictures and spotted some stuff that we were at least interested in. I know that you needed to go early but I was not prepared for the ensuing pandemonium! There were no browsers in the group, these people all had specific objectives and they went right after them. Fortunately my wife got to the back of the house first and scored the clock while down in the basement I found that they wanted way to much money for the Lionel train equipment. So my wife scored big on the clock and I found an interesting pamphlet on the sixth Mercury space mission so we both walked away happy.

We are having a hard time identifying the clock though. Seth Thomas was a major manufacturer of clocks in the US dating back to 1810 or so and the company remained in business (albeit as a subsidiary of other companies, a great grandson sold the company in 1932) until 1980. I think 170 years of continuous operation is pretty impressive!  This clock resembles (and is almost identical to) the College Series New York clock. The only major difference I see is the design on the glass front is completely different from the New York. There are six clocks in the College Series; Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Cambridge, New York and Oxford. So instead of something relatively easy to track down we have managed to acquire some kind of variation of the New York or the glass has been replaced. Either way its a pretty cool clock, it has a nice spot in the kitchen until we can get it in for repair.

If any of you out there happen to know anything about clocks and recognize this Seth Thomas clock let me know!

23" high and 13" wide

A better shot of the glass

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