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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Painting Practice - The Busts

I have been toying around with the idea of painting busts, there are plenty of really nice ones out there but I still have an ungrounded fear of painting in scales larger than 28mm. So someone mentioned on the Reaper Forums that Safari Ltd had a tub of presidential busts (part of their Toob line) that would be a good to practice on. Twelve dollars nets you eight presidents so its definitely a worth while investment. From the looks of them all I really need to do is wash them really quick and they will be ready for the airbrush. Of course this reminded me that I have a bunch of Lord of the Rings busts in the same scale. Those, however, need to be stripped of all their paint before I can commence work on them. The presidents though will be ready whenever I am!

The line up in order.

Washington, Adams and Jefferson. With all the revolutionary history reading I have been doing my respect for Adams has really grown and my respect for Jefferson has really fallen off. 

Jackson, Lincoln and Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. Jackson is not one of my favorites but I'm a big fan of Lincoln and Roosevelt.

In the more modern bent, Franklin Roosevelt and Kennedy. Two more of my favorites. Franklin is part of the Manhattan Roosevelts while Teddy was part of the Oyster Bay Roosevelts.


  1. Should be a fun project!

    I read biographies on Hamilton and Burr earlier this year... neither was complimentary to Jefferson (or Burr to Jackson).

    1. I'm certainly looking forward to practicing skintones with the airbrush on these.

      Hamilton is a real trip, he may have actually tried to invade Spanish and French territories in North America if Adams hadn't disbanded the army after pulling off a treaty with France.

    2. And Burr of course was a filibuster, so we know that he would have gone into then Spanish Louisiana! (That is what he was getting ready to do when arrested for "treason")

    3. And Hamilton was had Florida in his sites!