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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

C&N Railroad Project - The 2-8-0 conversion project - acquisition

I just acquired a Bachmann Spectrum Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation in HO scale off of eBay. Now don't panic I'm not switching scales again. The C&N will remain firmly grounded in O scale while the LA Warehouse district will be HO scale. This 2-8-0 is hopefully going to serve as the basis for a C&N 2-8-0 in O scale. Basically I just need the drive mechanism and the rest will be discarded. The drivers scale out to 60" in HO which is just about right for the 37" drivers I need in O. I just need to dis-assemble it and mount a boiler closer to the right size, add an O scale cab and see if I can find a new tender or modify this one. I picked this one up for $50 so its not going to be cheap by any means but it will allow me to acquire parts at a more comfortable pace.

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