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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Kickstarter - Gunfighter's Ball Ends Today

This particular Kickstarter from Knuckleduster Miniatures has done very well and hit enough stretch goals that I'm seriously thinking of getting in on it. I'm a bit concerned that they have over extended so I'll keep a close eye on this one if I pull the trigger on it today. It ends today so its time to take a look!

Gunfighter's Ball


  1. I jumped in on it over the weekend, the amount of stretch goal give-aways was just way too much not to!

    1. Yea the amount of stuff added for stretch goals was making that $135 look dirt cheap. They added the game mat (4x3 feet), 8 minis, 4 mounted minis (including one on a bull) and three card decks. Now its a very attractive package. I'm in now.