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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Clue - Luxury Edition by Winning Solutions

I apologize for the long absence. I was on a bit of an extended vacation which is pretty rare for me and I just didn't have time to pull the laptop out and do some updates. There may be a bit of a deluge of posts coming this week.

My wife found this Luxury Clue at TJ Max and ordered it for me for Christmas. It actually arrived before Christmas so it was an early gift. In today's world of Clue it is definitely a luxury style game with some very nice wood cabinetry so its something you could leave out on a coffee table just as a display piece. It certainly is not as nice as the Franklin Mint edition (although when I was going to compare the two I realized that the pieces for my FM edition are still at the other house in a box, I need to track those down).

Here is a look at the latest addition to my Clue game collection:

In the box

The top of the game board

Storage draw, which actually contains everything you need to play. The rules are beneath the black plastic insert.

A very formal edition, I'm not going to break the seal on the card deck at this point.

I believe that the weapons are probably gold colored, not gold plated.

The pawns are very similar to the FM edition pawns

Room Accessories. In the FM edition these are all fastened to the board and under the glass. In the WS edition they are pieces you can actually place on the board or just leave in the tray.

 Here is a quick look at some of the pieces out of the tray:
The piano

The billiard table

The dining room table

The butcher block for the kitchen.


  1. How cool are those room accessories, I'd never seen those before - now I want them lol!

    1. I have not seen them loose like that before either. They look very similar to the ones under the glass of the FM edition. They would be nice to use for other things though! Yours for about $100!