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Monday, January 29, 2018

State of the Blog 2018

I did a much better job keeping the post level up in 2017 despite a seemingly endless progression of events trying to stop me. I did fall below my goal of 12 posts per month in September, November and December though but overall the post count was up hitting a cool 150 posts for the year.

Like most of us I still have to many projects going at one time. I have a definite tendency to flit from project to project without really getting anything completed (the "oh shiney" syndrome). One of the things that distracted me was a greater interest in the revolutionary war period when my wife and I discovered the John Adams mini series (which I highly recommend, we watched on Amazon through our Prime account, but read the book too) and Turn; Washington's spies series (about the Culper spy ring in New York which we have binge watched on Netflix twice now, also highly recommended). I must say that every time I watch a series like this I get madder and madder at the American educational system for just popping right over such an important time in our nation's history.

I have picked up a renewed interest in getting the model railroads going again, which has probably been pretty obvious in the posts over the last month. I have completely rethought the design for the On30 railroad which will have to be transportable and storable. I think I have also found a good space for my rendition of the "Patch" in one of the spare rooms although the track plan will have to be adjusted. The house is older, built in the early 60s, and the bedrooms are quite small. One has been converted into a library to house the large collection of books which never quite seem to make it back to the shelves and the old master bedroom will remain as a guest bedroom, that leaves one other small room that measures all of about 10x8 and has to maintain some of its existing functionality, but a small shelf layout at the right height will fit along two sides.

So projects that will probably see the most work coming up in 2018 are as follows;
C&N Railroad Project
LA Warehouse District Project
28mm AWI Project (Still settling on a rule system but a variation of Regimental Fire and Fury seems to be a good fit)
28mm WWII Project
28mm Calamity, Wild West Project
15mm Cold War Project (Team Yankee)

There are boxes of stuff on the shelves filled with miniatures for other projects but I think these are the ones that will see the most work in the coming year. Of course I'm sure there will be some additions to the Clue game collection as well!

To date the the blog has entertained 93,777 unique visitors who have viewed 563,740 pages with the the Genghis Con XXXIII competition post leading the way with 25,066 page views. There are currently 213 followers and I thank each and every one of you for your interest and hopefully I can keep you coming back. I have managed to keep the blog going at a pretty steady pace for six years and plan on doing the same in the seventh.


  1. 150 posts a year is quite good I think, certainly much better than anything I can manage! (and better quality too of course)

    1. I seriously doubt that all of those are quality posts but thank you very much!