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Thursday, January 4, 2018

AWI Project - Painting Hunting Shirts

So I'm slowly moving forward on the AWI project and I pulled out some of the Fife and Drum continentals in hunting shirts to work on. Again I'm doing just a single stand of four to get a feel for how these will paint up.

I have been a little leary of these hunting shirts with all that fringe, but I shouldered forward and I think they came out looking okay in the end.

So this is a lot of pictures without a lot of substance and in many cases you can't really tell what I was working on. Then, of course, there is the period where I forgot to take any pictures at all.

This is where I ended up:

Starting at my usual spot with the skin

Here they are with some shadows and hightlights on the skin. I was trying something different and I'm not terribly happy with it

The base for the linen hunting shirts
Then moving up to the mid-tone, Reaper HD Tusk Ivory

And then highlighting with Reaper MS Linen White. I think its pretty close to what I have seen, an almost grayish off white

With all that linen I felt the need to do some lining, which of course reminded me that I hate lining and there are going to be 28 figures in the unit. That's a lot of lining
I lost the definition of the fringe so I went back with thinned blackened brown to restore, which means drybrushing the top of the fringe to restore the linen color

More to remind myself, but these are the colors I used for the hunting shirts

Then I kind of jumped forward, crossbelts in pure white so they stand out, plus various accouterments have been finished off.

And jumping forward a bit to the finished stick. I just really forgot to take pictures. While I'm happy with the miniatures themselves I'm not all together happy with my paintwork on these. I will have to go back and try and tighten things up a bit.

And this is how they all ended up, after I went back and added some additional black lining.


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    1. They are okay, I'm definitely out of practice. The faces, in particular, bother me quite a bit. I can do batter.