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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Citizens of Calamity - Pa and the Blacksmith

I finished off, or thought I had finished off, another one of the bystanders from Knuckleduster's Gunfighters Ball line. I also spotted the Blacksmith from their original (and still available) Classic 25mm-28mm Wild West line. I thought it would be a good contrast between the two lines. The Gunfighter's Ball line pretty much blows the Classic Wild West line right out of the water. Not really to surprising, there are some truly awful sculpts in the Classic line and some of the worst are the women. I have a couple of women from the Gunfighter line in the painting que as well so you will get a chance to see them soon (hopefully anyway). The Classic ones I should probably just take the ReaperCon and meltdown for the pewter value, that's about all they are good for.

So "Pa" from Knuckleduster:

There is nothing quite like a close up pic to let you know that you really aren't done like you thought you were. Needs some touch up on the front.

And maybe the hair should be painted in the back
 And the blacksmith from the Knuckleduster Classic Wild West line
Again, some touch up is still in order

And maybe some more work on the suspenders

And just to remember what colors I used to make Pa's vest:


  1. Progressing nicely with this duo. I hate photos they always show obvious mistakes that you then can't 'unsee'

    1. The bane of miniature photography! Although I guess that should just make us better painters in the end.