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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Farewell Peyton

Tough day yesterday. We had to put down one of the dogs. We acquired Peyton, a flat-coat retriever,  border collie mix, when my wife's mother passed away in 2016 and her dad was in rehab. So he wasn't a dog we picked out and brought home, just one that needed a loving home. About a 2 months ago he was diagnosed with lymphoma which at times made him look like he had the mumps. He never let us know if he was hurting though and he was a pretty happy dog right till the end. Always willing, and even demanding, to play fetch anytime someone walked out the back door. Three straight days without being willing or even able to eat was him telling us he was ready. Alas, we have had our last game of fetch, farewell Peyton you may not have been the one we picked but you were certainly one we loved.
Sleeping with his buddy, Larry the cat, who also came to us when my wife's mom passed.

A little thinner but still alert

Holding his own with the big dogs. Peyton weighed in at 70 pounds at his best, still 30 pounds less than the Pyrs (each of them are 100+ but you never tell anyone what a girl weighs).

Something certainly has his attention.


  1. My Sympathies to you all. We lost out eldest Labrador in January and it was very hard to begin with. Think of all the good times.

    1. Thinking of the good times is the best thing to do! And there are three Pyrs to help us get through it.