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Friday, February 2, 2018

LA Warehouse District Project - Motive Power and Rolling Stock

I continued to dig around and see what I have in the way of freight cars for the LA Warehouse district. I remembered that I had intended to just use the Branchline Blueprint series of boxcars but they literally discontinued as I started to buy them and they became scarce very quickly. Sometime between then and now Atlas picked up the line but near as I can tell they are not producing anything for the AT&SF. I will certainly pickup up some of the appropriate foreign roads in this line though, at least when I get that far. I'm guessing this is the reason I started to pick up some Athearn box and refrigerator cars.

The other thing I'm not quite sure of is what the proportion of 40' cars to 50' cars would or should be. I have stumbled on that one set of 40' Athearn Santa Fe cars so that might be the extent of my 40' fleet.

For motive power I'll be using the CF7s in the pictures below, both of these have the round cab, I might try and find one with the angled cab for a little bit more variety.

Still lots to think about for the freight car fleet but the motive power is pretty much set unless I back up the timeline in which case I'll need to see about finding some HH1100s.

If anyone has any of these kits for the Santa Fe I would be interested in adding a few more

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