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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

LA Warehouse District Project - Two Potential Plans

I have been messing around with paper, pencil and compass again and I managed to work through the block I was having. First I decided that no matter what else I needed that single signature scene that attracted me to the LA Warehouse District in the first place which was the CF7 emerging from between two buildings with almost no clearance on either side (and there are warning signs to that affect!). Based on the space the only real spot for that was on the left side of the layout (quite appropriate actually) and I used that to determine where things should end up.

I have found two plans that appeal to me quite a bit. The first is Keith Jordan's version of the patch and the second is Scot Osterweil's Industrial switching layout. I modified the Osterweil plan to accommodate #6 switches and 50' cars and placed it more or less in the area of the real Patch. Jordan's plan was much easier to deal with as it is a representation of the prototype. I also discovered that I had both of these plans in a special issue from Kalmbach called "How to Build Small Model Railroads" published in the winter of 2014. That made referencing the two layouts quite a bit easier. Each plan also appears in an issue of Model Railroad Planning; the 2005 edition for the Osterweil's plan and in the 2011 edition for Jordan's Patch.

I'm sure I will dink around with this a bit more but for now I feel like I made some progress.

Based on Osterweil's Industrial Switching Layout

Based on Jordan's Patch Layout. The issue with this is there is room for lots of foreground buildings but that would make it difficult to operate but I would get even more of that "brick canyon" feel.

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