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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Back Porch - For Relaxing

This is the spot where my wife and I enjoy our evenings. It faces to the east so its a very comfortable spot in the evenings. Its a great spot to just enjoy the evening and its big enough to entertain as well.
To the north, is the main seating area under the pergola. We keep most of the furniture covered till we need it. You can just make out the first fountain, built into the seating wall, near the left center. I finally managed to fit a pump into it big enough to run it properly. You can see quite the profusion of roses this year as well.

The arch that leads to the path to the "outback" as well as the second fountain on the left and the "pig pen". The "pig pen" contains the large talavera pottery pigs as well as other talavera pottery animals. The large metal flowers behind the fountain is something new we are trying out this season. You can just make out the smoker to the right of the archway.

The main dining and kitchen area. I have a good sized grill, which sees a lot of use. The table seats 8, and also kept under cover. This area can get quite hot during the day and into the evening. There is an extendable awning that covers almost the entire area to keep it cool.