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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

World War II Project - 101st Airborne Characters - Stoessi's Heroes

It seems quite appropriate that I show off this latest acquisition on the anniversary of D-Day.
I received an email from Stoessi's Heros about a new release that had T/4 George Luz and Lt Welsh packaged together based on a scene from the Band of Brothers miniseries in Caretan France. Since I have a bunch of US Airborne queued up to be painted as the 101st I figured a few characters were in order. So I grabbed this pack and discovered that there are bunch more from Band of Brothers that I missed. I ended up picking up five more characters from the series and another copy of Col Hogan (because I forgot that I had already purchased him). I'm thinking that I might work on one or two of these for a ReaperCon single entry.

So here is what came in the package from Germany (fantastic service by the way, one of the very best companies I have purchased from):

In the first pack are Luz and Frost, in the second is "Buck" Compton

"Wild Bill" Guarnere on the left and "Bull" Randelman

Lt Speirs (and a much better figure than Warlord's) and 1st Sgt Lipton


  1. Interesting. I would love to see them painted up.

    1. I'm definitely going to add one or two of these into the painting queue for Reaper Con this year. I just need to sit down and really get started on them.