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Friday, June 29, 2018

ReaperCon 2018 Projects - Starting off

While I have begun to work on the various miniatures for the dioramas, I decided I needed to make some progress on my armor entry; an M4A1 76 from Trenchworx.

I started with a grey primer and worked my way up through various shades of olive drab from Ammo by Mig using the airbrush. Not sure how I feel about it right now but at least it has been started. I will move on to the decals next and then follow it up with weathering and other effects.



Dark Olive Drab Base

Mid tone, not pleased with the consistency of the mid tone paint, its almost to thin even for an airbrush

Light Olive Drab applied

Final highlight Olive Drab. Its hard to see the variations in tones under these lights they are so bright they tend to wash out the changes in tones.

After this a little brush work on some of the higher details and then I'll apply the decals and start the weathering.