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Friday, June 1, 2018

Vacation Travelogue - Pearl Harbor Pt III

After walking through the USS Bowfin, we boarded the shuttle bus for Ford Island. The first stop there would be to visit the USS Missouri, BB-63 one of the four Iowa Class battleships. It was quite different to go from the submarine up to a battleship. The Missouri has not been restored back to its WWII configuration, it remains as it was when it was retired from service. Another slight disappointment here in that we were not able to see the articles of surrender on the fantail. There was a private event that day and the entire rear of the ship was cordoned off. I guess I will just have to go back.

I don't have nearly has many pictures of the Mighty Mo, it was a little overwhelming.

Looking towards the Bow just after coming off the gangway

And a look back at the two forward turrets

16" shell

A phalanx gun turret

My youngest son at one at what I think is an observation post. The Missouri still has a teak wood deck, easily seen in this shot.

Higher up in the ship, I think we are in a navigation station of some kind. This ships are really outside my knowledge base.

Various radars on the tower

The rear gun turret

A look aft from the gangway.


  1. I could not convince my wife that she really needed to see Mighty Mo when we were there, but we clearly need to go next time we are in Oahu!

    1. You definitely need to go. The walk through the lower decks is fascinating especially after going through the USS Bowfin.