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Monday, September 10, 2018

ReaperCon 2018 Day 0

I think I have, more or less, recovered from the attending Reaper Con enough that I can speak about it again. This year we were in, yet another, new facility. But what a facility! This is Denton's new convention center in the Embassy Suites Hotel, not even a year old yet. We know that we have this site for next year and Adrienne and Ron are working to make sure that this is Reaper Con's new home for a good long time.

Day 0 for me is the Wednesday before the convention officially starts when the vendors can start rolling in to set up. Since we opted to drive we left Denver on Tuesday after work and stayed the night in Amarillo TX. We left a little later than planned in the morning and arrived about an hour late at the hotel so a number of the vendors were already setting up. This was a tough show to get the vendors into. It was Reaper Cons first time on Labor Day weekend and while I think it was a good choice some vendors had to make decisions on which conventions to attend. We still managed to fill the room with a great selection of vendors.

Wednesday night was the Pizza Dungeon, also known as the meet and greet. There was plenty of pizza and drinks for all. We ate our fill and locked down the vendor hall for the night.

The entry into the vendors' hall. The airwall on the right was open to the main hall when the vendor's hall was open.

Taking a left turn

And then a right

Moving towards the back and the Reaper booth along the back wall

A quick look into the center aisle

And another right turn, looking back toward the entrance

The Reaper Booth, run by Cheryl Storm and crew, all set and ready to go

A look into the main hall and the infamous metal trade table

A look at the stage. The four TVs would feature a rotating display of the pictures used for the painting competition for the entire weekend.

A look towards Artist Alley and the game machines

First look at the painting competition area

Looks spacious now, it would get a bit crowded later

Getting ready to accept entries.

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