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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

ReaperCon 2018 Day 2 & 3

I'm just going to combine Friday and Saturday together. They all start to blend together after a while and from my standpoint they are pretty much the same. Lots of classes going on, lots of shoppers and lots of gaming.

A Freeblades demo game in Action
We use a modified version of the Open or Medal system created by the MMSI in Chicago. In Chicago dioramas are included in the Open category, at Reaper we elected to split them out into their own category resulting in a total of 4 categories: Painter (stock figures), Open (scratchbuilt and/or converted), Ordnance (Machines of War) and Diorama. Here is a selection of a few of the 500 plus entries in the various categories in the painting competition. I'm the captain for the Ordnance judging team. And no we don't score our own entries, we have an alternate step in to do that.

I love the creativity behind this diorama featuring Moby Dick.

The exclusive Con Sophie as painted by Rhonda Bender

I really just loved this horse, very well done

A good example of an Open piece, this is a scratch sculpt that started life as a piece of dead wood

I like the miniature in the pocket watch

Ordnance, from GW

To 1/35th scale Armor

While this diorama is extremely well done, it takes some time for the story to really come out,

This one was just fun

Here is my FT-17 in progress, this would eventually get a silver medal.

While I'm thinking about it. The one thing that is really holding people back from getting gold medals in the Ordnance category is mold lines, seams and poorly applied decals. Take some effort to clean up all your mold lines and fill the seams, they distract so much from the model. I saw some beautiful GW kits in the competition, that suffered from this plus poorly applied decals. If you are going to spend $100 plus dollars on a kit at least take the time to build it right!

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