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Friday, March 1, 2013

Building Calamity - Sarissa Precision Railroad Station Part 2

Things are humming along with the Railroad Station right now. I finally got around to weathering some stripwood for the trim and glued that on to hide the very ugly puzzle cuts. I then applied some rubber cement and painted it with my green trim color. After that had set a bit I took my erase to the trim and created some more peeling paint. I think this came out better than the peeling paint on the siding. Just tweaking the technique a bit to get a better result.

At this point all I really need to do is get some shingles for the roof and this one is good to go. I have toyed with the interior a little bit but there isn't much room to work with in there so I may leave it alone. We will see how it goes.

I still think that this is a good kit, it has some faults be generally things that you just have to watch for. I know that I need to check the thickness of the MDF sheets that I get from Sarissa at this point to make sure they are actually 2mm and not 2mm+. The ugly corners resulted from this out of spec MDF, which to be frank should never have been put in their laser cutter.

So here are some in process pictures:
The trim glued in place. A little wide in a few spots but over all it looks pretty good.

And then painted trim:

And now a little weathering work, tried to keep it lower down.

Finally this one is nearing completion. Of course I discovered that I am completely out of shingles at this point! I'll have to decide to either go get some from Caboose Hobbies or try printing some out from the textures I bought from Clever Model.

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