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Friday, March 15, 2013

Modeling Calamity II

Its a been a very busy week around here and last night was the first night I was able to sit back down with the model of Calamity. I played around with the road and stream arrangement a bit and decided to make the first cuts into the boards. After cutting out the roads I glued them in place and put on a layer of clay. I then built the boards up to the road level and layed on a different color of clay for the "off road" portion of the boards. I kept the clay pretty thin so if I need to scrap the clay off I can. If I decide I don't like the road and stream arrangement I'll just make another set of boards. I have plenty of clay left over. The pictures probably say more than I can so let's just show those off.

Here's the initial playing around with the road arrangement.
I wanted the main road to have a slight cosmetic curve, This will partially block the line of sight from end to end and give a nice view for photographs. A shot taken from either end should look the road continues. Will see how that works out.
Gluing the roads down.

The stream has been cut out as well
A few preliminary street scenes

Putting down the clay on the road

Then I built up the surrounding area to the level of the roads and used a different color of clay for that.

I only finished one board to this level. It will be the "west" edge. This is the arrangement I came up with last night. Of course its very easy to change,just move the buildings around! If I decide I don't like the road arrangement I'll have to make a new board, but that's pretty easy to do. Nothing is set in stone at this point...just clay.

I'll have to come up with a little fence to go around the two sides of the livery stable. That's the large purple building sitting by itself at the edge of the board.


  1. Coming along nicely Kris. How big is each board and how big will Calamity be when you are done?

    1. As built each "board" is 3" x 6" or 2'x 4' in real life. So 12" = 1.5" . Calamity will take up most of the 4'x6' area when its finished. I'm thinking of a couple of potential "wings" that could be slotted into the sides when there is enough room to give more space around it.

  2. Looking very promising! I look forward to seeing your progress!

    All the Best!

    Colonel O'Truth

    1. Now I just need to make some real progress. Its been a busy year and this project has stalled a bit because of it.