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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Building Calamity - Sarissa Precision Railroad Station Part 3 Finished

There really isn't a lot to say at this point. I have spent a week or so slowly working on the railroad station and getting it to a table ready state. The interior on this one is a bit small so I don't think I'm even going to think about doing any interior work.I'll just get some paint on the inside walls and leave it at that. I think that overall I have managed to save the poor fit resulting from the out of spec MDF that was used. I think its likely that this one will be replaced at some point, either when someone else does a railroad station or with a scratchbuilt one. I certainly have enough plans laying around to build my own without to much trouble. Don't get me wrong, this is a good kit (especially if the MDF is actually 2mm instead of 2.5mm) it just doesn't suit my personal taste very well.

I tried another brand of shingles for this model that I really like. They are from Laser-Art Designs, a department of Branchline Trains which is another one of the model railroad laser cut manufacturers. The material is much heavier and has some texture to it. I was able to get a slightly fancier shingle at Caboose Hobbies which should help make the station stand out a bit more.. These shingles were a bit more expensive but the pack comes with two large sheets of shingles and I didn't use a full sheet for this building so I probably have enough for at least two more buildings, maybe three depending on the sizes of the roofs. Very nice product.

There is a little bit more paintwork going on as well. I used a white ink (from Liquitex) thinned down and use that to fade the yellow and the green a bit more. Trying to give it a more faded look. Unfortunately it doesn't really show up in the pictures very well. Neither does the detail on the roof, so look close!

Pictures, lots of pictures!

First up a look at the shingles

Then its on to paintwork. I wanted a darker green for the base color, so out came the Vallejos

Then a lighter green applied in streak pattern working down from the peak.

The third color was a bone color from reaper, a very light grey that was applied working up from the edge to the peak. Unfortunately it is really washed out by all the light. So you are basically seeing the finished builidng at this point, with the additional color fade applied to the building's yellow and green surfaces.

Overall I enjoyed working on the railroad station. I think it could stand some improvements but its still going to look good on the table. I'll be doing some additional weathering once I mount its base. There is a whole stage of weathering that will be applied to all of the buildings to tie them together, but that stage won't happen till I'm much closer to actually building the boards themselves.


  1. That is a fine looking station. I like the scrapes and skuffs on the platform deck....which reminds me that I have to repaint the porch floor again this spring! ;)

    1. Yea, it kind of reminds me that I have house painting to do this spring as well!