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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Modeling Calamity - Things are a changing

I have been primarily working on my project for ReaperCon but there are times when I have had an opportunity to mess around with the arrangement of Calamity. I think this shows the effectiveness of making the model in the first place. I also spent 30 minutes or so making another model of my centerpiece building as a mirror image so I could have some more options in placing it. The ability to scrap the clay off and change my roads at will came in quite handy. As you can see in the photographs.

The whole process started with trying to see if there was a better place to locate the railroad which to this point has always been along one of the long edges. It seemed like a good idea when I was doing it, but it never really felt like it was part of the town. So let's take a look at this idea that started the madness.
None of these really appealed to me, right, left, center, top. I want a bridge, because it will be doubling as the gallows.

A longer bridge, maybe something that cuts across the middle.
Interesting, breaks up the scene nicely but leaves to many awkward spaces.

Better, certainly closer to what I want.

Nice, I think this is about exactly what I want. You can see where I have used a knife to work in a different road layout on the west board (left).
Time really work the track into the town. I'm not sure I have enough track for this, it might take another piece.
Nice, I think I can make this work. The road on the west board is a bit more visible. in this picture.
Okay, time to get serious about this. Time to make some changes.
Center board with the track in place and cut to fit.

And let's make the bridges removable now.

Let's run another road out of town on the top edge.

And now with the railroad tracks.

And the west board, with the railroad tracks in place.
Nice, 30 minutes work with the clay and I have the changes worked into the clay. Time to play with the buildings and see what I can come up with.

That has an interesting look, now something from street level

I think I'm getting a lot closer to how I want the town to look. And the versatility of the model is really proving itself, definitely a worthwhile project!


  1. This is a good project Kris and I think a lot of guys are following the progress here.

    Hey, did you get my last email? I know you're busy with ReaperCon coming up and you may have missed it.

    1. This series of posts seems to have definitely drawn some attention, I'm glad that folks are reading it.

      The last email I received was the second round of minis from the Kickstarter which I was good with. That was 3/11 was there one after that?

  2. Good planning= excellent project!

    1. I believe you are right! Once I have the layout of the town solidified I can see two more models being built before I start cutting wood and foam.