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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Signs

I was reading through the blogs I follow this morning and I came across a way to make "decal" signs. Now these are not decals in the way I normally think of them but it is a method of making your inkjet printer do the work for you. Here is a link back to Dave Frary's blog where he described his thoughts on the process along with a few photos of "decals" he had made using it: Trackside Scenary. You should definitely read his comments, the link to the youtube video is there as well, but I'll post it here as a well: Transfer Inkjet Ink on to Wood. I think I'm going to give this a try. I have been playing around with how to add the painted signs that are so prevalent in the west to the building fronts in Calamity. The process doesn't look particularly difficult but it definitely requires some precision when putting the "decal" down in the right spot the first time.
Laser engraved and cut signs like this one are available from most of the manufacturers that make western kits. But there is a large variety of other signs that I would like to reproduce that would have been painted directly on the false front. This technique might work for making those types of signs.


  1. Cool technique. Looks pretty good, thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure. I probably won't try it until after RCon but we will see. Depends how far I get on these competition entries