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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Building the 4Ground Dead Man's Hand Main Street Building #1

After successfully building Side Street Building #2 I figured I would dive right in and build one of the Main Street buildings while some of the lessons were still fresh in my mind. For my second build I grabbed Main Street Building #1 mostly because it was red and matched the Side Street building that I had just finished. I don't think much of a preamble is necessary for this one so I'll jump straight into the pictures of the build.

The package was stuffed full of these. Take them out carefully some will fall right out of the sprues. I lost a set of windows out of one of the side street buildings.

Getting the walls together

The window sequence. These are fancy but I would have preferred the fancy stuff on the top (either way is appropriate for the period).

Everything in place on the second floor.

Stacking things up for a test fit.

Working on my favorite type of roof, although its definitely getting covered with something to hide that ugly roof seam. As a point of interest all the roofs for the first DMH buildings are interchangeable, that gives you some opportunity to mix things up a bit. The other nice thing about this roof is it is not possible to get RH1 upside down. If you manage to get this triangular equivalent of RH1 I want to see pictures!

The stairs. I really like these.

Finished building with roofs in place

Roof off, showing the second floor.

Second floor off to get to the first floor. I like the way these buildings come apart. You can have action on both floors without a problem.


  1. I think Calamity might be my favourite out of all your projects. Seeing the building being put together, the town coming together and the planning you put into it is so much fun.

    1. I think its my favorite too. I think because it has so many different aspects (much like model railroading) that I can always find something to work on. Everything is progress.