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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where have my Kolinsky's Gone?

Way back on May 17th, I posted about Kolinsky Brushes. I was concerned that the supply was drying up because sable was being banned, that turned out not to be the case (it was African Antelope Sable pelts that had been banned). I also included a discussion about different brands and sizes of Kolinksy Brushes (original post: Kolinsky Brushes), which was probably more important to me at the time. We now discover that Kolinksy brushes are sort of banned.

Since then the availability of Kolinsky brushes has been dropping off rapidly. My favorite brush dealer, Dick Blick, shows that well over 50% of my favorite DaVinci brushes are out of stock with no indication of when they will be re-stocked. The same situation exists for Windsor Newton and Rapheal brushes from the same source, in fact just about every US source. There is not a problem getting them if you order them in from overseas apparently. No, the real issue doesn't even lay within the scope of the ban on Sable (which is apparently a ban on the importation of antelope sable pelts from Africa), no its all about a form. Yes, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has stopped the importation of Kolinsky brushes over a form.

Rather than repeat the whole sordid mess I'll summarize. Basically this part of our beloved Federal government has decided that the old form that has been in use by Europe for years is no longer acceptable and instead a different form must be used. Europe has pointed out that their form contains all the information and is, basically, identical to the form being requested by the US. In fact its so identical that apparently the form that the US is requesting doesn't even exist. To read more about this classic tale of government bureaucracy in action head over to this letter posted on the WarPath Games site: Kolinsky Brush Crisis
For some over the pond information (which, in theory, limits the effects to size 7 brushes and larger) head over to this link on the Ken Bromley Art Supplies site: Size 7

I may explore the possibility of using Hobbes' fur for my brushes, he certainly has plenty to spare.


  1. I was right then, it was the US Fishing and Wildlife that instituted the ban. But for it to be over a form. Blimey, but that's just insane.

    1. Yep, you were right, just not for quite the reasons we thought. Never come between a government and its forms!