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Monday, August 12, 2013

Painting on the road

I was hoping to get a little break and spend some time at home between projectsat work but that is not to be. I was informed that I'm moving on to a project in Utah whether the LA project is finished or not (it should be, I just hate to leave a project before its finished). If I bring stuff with me to work on then I pretty much have to check my bag. That has its own repercussions. I have to wait at baggage claim and I have no control over the fate of what I put in my bag and I have to pay for a checked bag (well the company has to pay for a checked bag). I tried loading up the cardboard shoebox this time but it did not fair well. If I do this again I will not something a bit more rigid. I probably brought to much stuff with me.

So here is where I am and I hope that at least something in here gets finished or prepped.

Just in case I forgot which airport I just landed at.
The view from my somewhat expensive hotel room. Note the chicken wire. I'm speculating that has something to do with earthquakes. It is a very old hotel.

Just to verify that the view is of an inner courtyard. This is still not as bad as a view I had in a very expensive NY hotel once.
Okay, the downstairs is amazing
My tools of choice, ceramic pallet (probably lucky that didn't break in half), my paint brush case and the shoe box.

The inside of a painter/gamer's shoe box

The tools of choice

Stuff to keep me occupied. CMG 15mm Sci/Fi and On30 Wood Cab kit for my 4-4-0


  1. That is luxurious! Flying is a real bite isn't it? I can picture them opening your luggage thinking that the lead is some sort of bombing device :)

    1. The downstairs is fabulous the room is kind of average, but I'm sure it has been remodeled once or twice since 1922. We usually get together at Reaper Con and compare what has been confiscated by the TSA from our bags. I really was shocked not to see a TSA notice in my luggage. That has to be a first.