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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Locomotive Scale Shots

I took everything down to the workroom today and took some new pictures of my On30 Locomotives. I used Reaper's Female Huckster from their Savage Worlds line for scale. She has been modified slightly, the original base has been removed and replaced with a lower profile one. All my western figures will eventually end up on this base. On to the pictures.

These are all Bachmann Spectrum engines, according to their site they are simply based on locomotives from the Baldwin company.

First up the beauty and scale shots:
2-6-0 Mogul, lettered and some what modified for the Colorado & Southern.
Not sure how close this one is to an actual C&S 2-6-0.

The 4-4-0 American, unlettered, will definitely need to be painted.

The 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler, another one with a date with the paint shop

This probably gives you the best look at the difference in sizes

Another good comparison shot

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