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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Critical Mass Games - Strike Hawk - Assembled!

Kind of surprising, but I did manage to work on something out of the box tonight. I decided I would try out the Strike Hawk from the Critical Mass Games Kickstarter. I have three of these to provide some air support to my armored company. I figured I would spend some time and take some bad pictures as well. Taking pictures probably more than doubled the amount of time it took to put this together. I move right on to those, don't forget to read the captions.

First up the raw parts. The resin casts our outstanding. Some mold lines to clean up. The worst of the resin parts were the engines. Fortunately the side that needed the most cleaning will be facing the body.

And now the pieces removed from sprues and cleaned up ready to assemble.

Again these were the hardest. I didn't completely get the lines removed. These will be facing inward so its not a big deal.

These clean up nice, almost now mold lines to deal with.

The pewter ready to go. The skids were actually the worst.
Main gun and wings in place.
Engine pods. Some nice detail there.

Some energy cannons and rocket pods on the wings.

Skids are on and she is armed and ready to go. Zooming noises are now appropriate.

Great little kit, should hold up well on the gaming table. It went together easily, I think the hardest part of the assembly was actually the skids and getting them to sit even and even that wasn't particularly hard. I have two more to go. Still have to decide how I will arrange the armament on the other two.


  1. Its lovely ship and very nice to see it being built.

    1. Looking forward to finishing the other two and getting them out on the table! I have to many unbuilt kits just waiting for their turn.

  2. Nice looking model. I look forward to its progress.

    1. What a minute! Progress? I'm not sure if I can manage that. I guess I will build the other two now, really putting on the pressure there.