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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Genghis Con XXXV - Saturday

Sometimes its hard to get pictures taken when you have so much going on at a convention. Thursday night I brought over all the lights and helped get the room ready for the competition and the classes. Friday I had to work all day and then head straight in to the auction to sell the multitude of stuff that gets checked in to be sold at the auction. Saturday just seemed to be a whorl wind blur. The figure case was filling up and we started judging at 4, wrapped that up in a reasonable fashion and headed to dinner. The awards ceremony was at 8. We had some really beautiful pieces in the case this year (lots of high quality paint jobs). A few photos of quite moments during the day and I'll post some of the pictures that were taken of the miniatures tomorrow.

WIP shot of my entry. Didn't have time to start this till Thursday night

Friday, before I left for the auction. You can see some of the entries started to come in.

Friday evening classes

Getting ready for the Saturday morning classes

Michael Proctor, contemplating his phone. Dark Sword was our sponsor this year.

Lyn Stahl, Metal Head Minis

Case full of entries

Some of the vehicles

Single Miniatures



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