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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wagons for Calamity - Part 1 Sarissa Precision Plank Wagon

While I was away in Sacramento a little package arrived for me from the UK, my transportation order from Sarissa Precision. I ordered a bunch of wagons for Calamity; four "plank" wagons, two stage coaches, one hearse, two Gypsy box wagons and two Gypsy ledge wagons. Its a bunch of wagons so Calamity's streets should be nicely crowded now. I thought I would do a series and feature each wagon type in its only little post. So here's my step by step progress with Sarissa's Plank Wagon, more commonly known in the old west as a freight wagon.

On to the pictures!

The contents of the package from Sarissa

Plank Wagon instruction sheet

The back side of the instruction sheet

The single sheet of parts.

Assembling the basic wagon box

Shifting the rubber bands a bit and adding the under frame to the wagon. The front wheels do not steer on this kit.

A scale shot with the infamous Dave "Mac". His 25mm base fits nicely in the back of the wagon

The improved version with wheels! I like the proportions. It would be nice if it had some framing detail and a real tongue for the horse/oxen traces.
This is a pretty simple kit, it really shouldn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes to assemble. Mine took a little longer simply because I took pictures. The instructions are straight forward although I really wish they would use a large type face. Those letters are looking pretty small for my old eyes.

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