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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Views of Sacramento

Its been a long time since I was in Sacramento and I don't have any pictures from the last time I was here. This time equipped with my handy dandy camera phone I managed to capture a few images. My hotel is right near "old town" so I wandered over there to check out the area. While its hard to do any really touristy things when I'm on the job like this, they do have some neat stuff over in old town. A little California Military Museum, a Railroad Museum ( I saw a steam engine behind a fence, hard to get a good look at it) and a paddle wheel steamer tied up at the dock and now serving as a hotel.  Here are a few photos, I do love interesting architecture and these are the ones that caught my eye.

This building shows some classic proportions, narrow and deep. Check out the high arched windows and doorways on the first floor.

The one story building next to it, four little shops here again, very narrow and deep with the same style of tall arched windows and doors.

Just a lot of fun details on this building

The rear of the sternwheeler

The front of the sternwheeler. The bow is a dead giveaway that this is not on the Mississippi river.

The Sacramento River is navigable all the way to the ocean. This bridge pivots in the center to let ships through. I don't know if it still operates or not. It also has two decks, the upper deck for cars and the lower deck for trains.

This is the kind of detail that I love. You can see the scars of old buildings on the brick sides here as well as bricked up windows.

A slightly different view

This one has more modern look to it and a different style of windows


  1. Always interesting to see your home town featured in some way. I belive that the I street bridge does still work, however there are plans afoot to remove the car portion of the bridge and replace it with pedestrian walkways. The main aim there is to rescue the bit of land to the East, which is cut off from everything else by various ramps.

    More on the Delta King.

    1. Its a nice place to visit! I'll be coming back next week. But probably still won't have time to really do or see anything.

  2. Just caught up with. A lot of great stuff going on. I really like your scratch builds and the water tank came out very nicely as well. I haven't been to old Sac in quite some time. A couple of years ago we took the kids to Sutter's Fort though.

    1. Thanks Sean. Yep, lots going on. My only other excursion in Sacramento was down to Beers Books because it sounded cool. A pretty neat used bookstore and I even found three E.C. Tubb novels for my collection.