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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wagons for Calamity - Part 6 Round Up

And this brings an end to my wagon series, at least for now. So here are a few pictures of the wagons all together along with a few calamity citizens to provide a bit of scale.

Edit: I did a little research this evening. The Sarissa Gypsy Box Wagon is more properly known as a Bow Top and uses canvas for the roof (not that to say that there weren't some that used planks). Sarissa's Gypsy Ledge Wagon is more properly known as a Reading. A ledge wagon would go up and then widen out over the wheels with ledges rather than just go straight up like Sarissa's. Not that any of that makes a difference to our little pewter people or to your average gamer.

The full lineup. From left to right: Hearse, Gypsy Ledge Wagon, Gypsy Box Wagon, Stage Coach and Plank (Freight) Wagon

Dave "Mac" next to the freight wagon (Reaper Miniature).

Gunfighter next to the stage coach (Reaper Miniature)

Gunslinger next to the Gypsy Box Wagon (Black Scorpion)

Gunslinger next to the Gypsy Ledge Wagon (Black Scorpion)

Wichita Witch next to the Hearse (Reaper Miniature)


  1. Thanks for these reviews Kris - I've found the very interesting reading.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! I had a good time building them and I have a few more to go and then I'll get out the paints.

  2. Excellent looking wagons, I love them!

    1. Thanks Phil. A little paint and some bases and they should be ready to go.