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Friday, February 7, 2014

Wagons for Calamity - Part 2 Sarissa Precision Stage Coach

Part 2 of Wagons for Calamity features the Sarissa Precision Stage Coach. This is an interesting little kit which uses lasercut cardboard for some of the more delicate pieces. Construction is straight forward and the use of cardboard doesn't make anything more difficult to build. Again, the type size on the instructions could be a bit bigger (okay a lot bigger) for my old eyes but other than that I didn't really have any problems putting this one together.

Let's move right into the pictures of my build.

The package!

Instructions, the front, note that there are steps to follow here.

Back side of the instructions

Here are the mdf pieces, of course here they are upside down. I later corrected this error.

The cardboard parts. The little pile in the upper left are the ones that literally fell off the sheet

Putting the undercarriage together. I was a little disappointed that its not setup to steer

Undercarriage now with wheels!

Building the main cabin. The luggage racks on top are cardboard pieces. I am a little concerned about how well the cardboard will take paint.

The driver's seat. The only wooden piece here is the floorboards. Everything else is cardboard.

Rear luggage section. I'm not sure I like this, its to straight. The top piece is really just a cover of some kind in real life so it should really drape.

And everything together. 
This kit really does a good job of breaking down a fairly complex vehicle into simpler sub-assemblies. I think its still a little on the small side but I'm sure they came in a lot of different sizes anyway so that's not really an issue. I would love to see some more detail added to this kit, it could really be a center piece (aka a "hero" model) but as it stands right now its a nice thematic air (aka a "supporting cast" model).

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