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Monday, April 28, 2014

Building the Boards for Calamity - Part 2

A short break from ReaperCon posts. Its still busy here so I need a little time to collect my thoughts. So on with something that I wrote earlier for exactly this circumstance.

This is a quick update. I found some Cellfoam at Hobby Lobby in 1/8" thickness. This is perfect for Calamity, although 1/4" would have worked as well. I can purchase blue or pink foam for the actual boards in 1" and 2" thicknesses so this fits my scale model quite nicely.  Unfortunately it doesn't shave down quite the way I wanted it to, but I think I can get it to work in creating the slope, or I'll just resort to clay again.

Again the model has shown me that I need to go 2" deeper if I want to have the special features that I was contemplating.

A single panel ready to drop in. This represents a piece of foam board 1" thick.

And a perfect fit, a second panel will fill up the space

The second panel in place. On the left you can see that the top is flush with the plywood edge.

Here on the right side you can see that the top piece of foam is fully exposed. I need to shave this down to form a gentle slope. I tried to cut it with a knife but just ripped up the foam. I'll try sanding it down on the next piece.
Once I have the foam fitted and sanded then I'll start cutting in the streets, tracks and building locations.


  1. Kris, What are the overall dimensions of Calamity and its boards(sections)?

    1. When its finished it should be a standard size for games, 4'x6'. Each section will be 2'x4'.

  2. I love your scale mock ups, but I always chuckle to myself thinking about that scene from Zoolander. "What is this, a school for ants?" As my wife says, I'm a dork. Those entries at Reaper Con look great. Good luck on yours.

    1. You know, ants could live in the model of Calamity.