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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Last Flight for Work

One last prepared post before I get back to my ReaperCon posts.

I had a tough interview last week with a new company and I thought I had blown it. I just felt that I didn't give them the answers that they were looking for. I was shocked when I had an offer the next day. The drawback is that its a six month to hire gig so I'll be hourly not salaried till November at which point, hopefully, they will bring me on as a salaried employee.

So my flight to Baltimore this week is kind of special so I figured I would post the pictures going to the east and maybe do a part two heading back to the west, although most of that flight will be in the dark.

Dawn at DIA, Concourse C

The rising sun at 39,000 Feet

Clouds catching the morning sun

Midway Airport. I have never been to this airport, so I got to check another one off my list. There are a lot of airports that I haven't been to, so the list is long.

As we circled to land at Midway I spotted a number of railroad classification yards. Fascinating to see these from the air.

Based on the grade, I think this is a hump yard.

Midway terminal, apparently they don't believe in windows, I had to change planes at Midway.

It is called Midway so its only fitting that they have an SBD Douglas Dauntless on display. I found this on my way to the most isolated gate at the airport, A4B (well and A4A). It feels like an after thought its basically a hallway.

A random river on the way to Baltimore

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