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Saturday, April 26, 2014

ReaperCon 2014 - Day 2

Day 2 was quite the busy day for me. I spend a considerable amount of time putting competition medals in little red boxes. Not very exciting. There was a banquet in the evening to induct a couple of new people into the Reaper Hall of Fame. This year it was Werner Klocke and Derek Schubert. After that it was straight in to start judging the competition miniatures. There were a lot of entries, 401 when we started. We work in teams of 3 for the scoring and we split the work between 3 teams. We finished in about 2 hours. Lots of fantastic entries this year and some pretty difficult decisions on scoring them. I couldn't get a good picture of my entry yesterday so I'll see what I can do when I get home. Here are a few pictures of the day, mostly focused on my favorite entries in the painting competition.

Bin of Bronze Medals

Box of presentation boxes

Boxes, that in theory, now have bronze medals in them

Dan Clark

Michael Proctor
That rabbit has a serious stash of loot under the snow

Mary Profitt

Mary Profitt

Rhonda Bender

John Bowery

Michelle Blastenbrei

Aaron Lovejoy

Anne Cooper

Angela Imrie
Artemis by Hasslefree, one of my favorite minis by them.

Mary Profitt

Tonya Lynn


Tish Wolter

Aaron Lovejoy

Jessica Rich

Michael Proctor

Rhonda Bender

Heidi Jugovic

Glen Phillips

Ian Markon
(This was Best in Show at Genghis Con XXXV)

Michelle Blastenbrei

Meg Maples

Erin Hartwell
This one is my favorite piece in the shoe and one of the best dioramas if have seen in a long time. It shouts Old West and its fitting that it racked up its fair share of awards; silver medal in dioramas, a silver Sophie for dioramas and Best Theme. I managed to be one of the judges for this piece all three times, I really wanted to score it gold but it has a few issues, but its on the razor edge and wouldn't take much to get it over the top. Watch those mold lines Erin!


  1. 401 entries!! There are a lot of top line works you've posted. I remember following Ian's thread as he painted that figure, his blends are so smooth. Also it's nice to see Erin's work completed. It turned out perfectly.

    Thanks a bunch for posting the pics!

    1. My pleasure. The final count after the Saturday entries was 418.

  2. Sounds like you made pretty good time on judging those entries - I would have thought it would take much longer than 2 hours. If you'd like the info for posterity, the limited-palette western Sophie was one of mine (Tonya Lynn). Thanks so much for taking the time to give me some detailed feedback on her! I'll definitely be incorporating those suggestions into my future projects.

  3. I will make that change! Everyone should have the credit they deserved.