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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ReaperCon Competition WIP

I have no idea of I'm going to be able to finish this piece for the convention or not. She is close but I figure I might have as much as another 10 hours to go to get her competition ready. Its kind of a study in brown but what I'm really trying to bring out is the flaking paint revealing the creature beneath. I think there is enough difference in the browns that I used to make things stand out and I like the flaked paint look that I have managed to achieve so far. Really I'm down to pulling off the rusting effects at this point, but there is a whole lot of chain to paint. I'm on the road again on a fast trip, but I leave right away on Wednesday morning to head to ReaperCon, all I can think to do is perhaps pull an all nighter on Tuesday and see if I can get her close enough to finish at the con. I tried to limit myself to just Reaper paints so I can grab what I need at the show rather than having to check a bag. I really prefer carry-ons for air travel and you would be amazed at how much I can fit into a carry-on suitcase, about the only benefit to being a road warrior is the ability to back well.

Here are the pictures, I'm really happy with some of it, and less happy with other aspects.

For the planking I used the muddy soil triad, for her body I used the woodstain triad and for her skin I used the ivory tried. You can see the initial flaked paint look on the decorative vines and flowers.

On the back you can see the first rusted chain as well as the red flaked paint. I have seen British wooden ships with the upper deck sides painted in red. The theory being they wouldn't show blood as badly.

Working on the flaked paint look for the dress, then I will re-apply the brown highlights.

I thought I had one more later shot but apparently this is the last one. There are a couple of places where I used the Scalecoat paints from Scale75. The dress in particular as well as parts of the anchor and some of the highlights on the wood.


  1. She's a nice figure isn't she and the flaking effects suit the model. Yeah, I don't know how you''ve found time to even get this far what with travelling for work.

    Have a safe journey to ReaperCon and have fun!!

    1. Thanks Anne! I need to get some better pictures of her as well. Hopefully I can pull this one off and get her done for the show.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Andrew! Hopefully I'll get her finished and shown off at ReaperCon.

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    1. Thanks Fran. Now I just need it to be finished.