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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Combining the Art of Stephanie Law and Dark Sword Miniatures - A Kickstarter

The two miniatures displayed were painted by Jessica Rich. Jim believes in using top of the line talent to show off his wares!
Dark Sword Miniatures has come along way since I first was introduced to them many years ago. Initially Jim specialized in recreating the art work of Keith Parkinson and Larry Elmore in miniature, the Masterworks line. He then branched out and developed his own fantasy line even as he added Easley and Caldwell to his Masterworks line. A line of anthropomorphic animals was added and has been quite successful as well. He also managed to get the license to produce the George R.R. Martin line of miniatures and many of your favorite Game of Thrones characters are available in miniature now.

Jim runs one hell of a Kickstarter, evidenced by his current effort as he reproduces the artwork of Stephanie Law to his Masterworks line. He keeps the funding time short and the stretch goals coming. You will also have find that there aren't a whole lot of pledge levels either. You are either in for the core set or your not. If you elect to jump in on that core set though the value just keeps getting better and better. We have hit 14 stretch goals increasing the core set from the original 10 figures to 14 plus numerous animals that are part of some of the add on sets.

I highly recommend that you at least check this one out. While they miniatures aren't really gaming pieces as such they will certainly challenge you painting skills and help you stretch. Oh and don't worry about Jim hitting is delivering dates. All the miniatures have been sculpted and I wouldn't be surprised if the masters are done and he is working on the production molds as we speak.


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