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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Competition Prototypes II

While I continue to mess around with the display bases I thought I would turn my attention towards one of the dioramas that I have planned. This is "Steady Lads" and again is an all Reaper piece. It is set circa 1880s (maybe during the Ripper murders) and utilizes the British Colonial Troops and a couple of Aliens. 

Right now I actually think this one is to small so I'm going to expand the stairway and street sides of the scene outwards to give me some more room to play with. I have all the minis now for this but I'm kind of reached a stumbling block as there are some construction issues I have to think about.  

1) The interior floor of the building needs to be higher than the sidewalk.
2) The street wall needs to be longer and needs a bigger window or maybe two windows.
3) The exterior, street side, needs brickwork and/or stone work to compliment the windows
4) A basement window near the corner would add interest
5) The street side needs to be longer so I can space the aliens out a bit more
6) The sidewalk needs to be wider
7) Add a grate for interest in the gutter
8) The alley stairs just need to be wider so there will be a bit more room for the soldiers
9) A streetlamp to help set the date
10) Period posters, again, to help set the date
11) A street sign to help set the location

Really the biggest thing is how to actually go about constructing this, especially with all the multiple levels going on, and what to make it out of. My usual go to material of styrene plastic is not going to be sufficient or efficient in trying to build some of these shapes. I spent a lot of time just staring at the thing the last couple of nights. Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michaels will lead to a new material discovery.

This is the configuration I'm thinking about right now. I replaced a couple of the Troopers with some other poses that I like better.

The original prototype, I have shown this before.

British in place, The officer with the sword is still in play but the other two are new. I think they provide better direction/action than the two I was planning on using orginally.

Shot down the Alley

Aliens in search of something

The interior walls definitely need to be taller. The bayonet should not extend above the top of the wall!

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