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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Woodworking on a Tuesday Night

I successfully managed to get the backdrops mounted to the display blocks this evening. For this step I used 1/8" Basswood. It takes primer well and after that its all about what you want to put on the backdrop itself. There is enough space to add a 3D backdrop or just go for a painted one. I could also mount a photo or some other kind of print to it. Height can be adjusted to match. I made these first prototypes with deliberately tall backdrops, although cutting them in place could be a little difficult, I might be able to do it with my miter saw though. Something else to experiment with.

At this point I'm going to call this a success, although I still need to mount the magnets. I need to make sure the tools are calibrated for straight cuts and use a finer toothed sawblade. I have some more poplar to mess around with but I think its time to start looking at what actual woods I want to use. The final touch will be the rare earth magnets, those shipped today and I have the drill bits I need as well so that should be an easy bit of drilling to do.

 The magnets are mounted to the back and on the inside of the cutout. Here's what they looked like right now.

These are the straight back pieces

This are the angled back pieces

Gluing on the back

Okay, the clamps didn't work so I brought the weights out. Here are two of them drying.

Well, there are some gaps there. I expected that since nothing seemed to really want to be straight, that's what prototypes are for though.

The poor man's clamp comes to the rescue, rubber bands!

Here's Dave Mac showing off. The center block is removable and will be held in place with rare earth magnets

All four displays arranged in "travel mode". The rare earth magnets that will be mounted on the angled sides will hold everything together. I may also make a base for this to rest on.

View two sides at once

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