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Monday, November 17, 2014

What Do These Minis Have in Common?

This is the 2nd diorama piece that I want to do. This features Bath Time for Bubbles from Crocodile Games and three minis from Hydra Miniatures (their Retro Raygun line). The Hydra pieces are pretty simple (very reminiscent of the 1940 era sci/fi serials like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers) so the paint work will have to be pretty smooth. They are also not the best castings, there is a fair amount of pitting in the metal. Fortunately the pitting is pretty light, buffing with the steel wool should take care of that and then maybe a filler coat of watered down milliput (something you can't do with green stuff). Bubbles, however, is an exceptional casting, a few light mold lines erased and she was ready to go.

Right now the working title is Time Rift, I'll let your imagination run wild at this point.

Packaging! I love packagin

Galacteer Engineer

Galacteer Trooper

Jane Hunter

Bubbles, bath tub and rubber ducky

Cleaned up, if you look closely you can see the pits in the metal. Steel Wool to the rescue!

Jane is a dainty thing isn't she?

And here's Bubbles!

This one might test my skin tone skills a bit. Plus I have to figure out how to get that wet water effect.


  1. Water's hard to paint. I've got a similar figure to paint and I'm not sure how to do it either????

    1. We may have to learn together on this one then Ray! I'll go through a couple of my DVDs I think one of them covers this type of painting. Nothing like a new challenge.

  2. Replies
    1. It may well come to that, I'm just not sure that will give me the effect on want on her skin and hair. It should work just fine for the water in the bathtub itself though.

  3. Should be interesting! How big are those hydra troopers? They seem like they are big fellas.

    Darker paint for wet areas with a gloss sealer brushed over? Be sure and let us know how you do it!

  4. I'll have to measure them to be sure, but they are definitely big guys maybe 35mm to the top of the head? They really tower over Jane.
    I'll keep everyone in the loop on how I manage to make skin look wet, a gloss coat is certainly a possibility that I had considered. I'm thinking that I'll use the water effects that Leif mentioned above for the actual water in the bathtub. I think I have another copy of Bubbles so I have a bathtub I can experiment with a bit for that before I manage to ruin a diorama piece.