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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Diorama - Painting the Minis IV

I made reasonable progress over the last week on the minis for the "Steady Lads" diorama for ReaperCon. The soldiers are just about finished, just the gaiters and touch ups at this point. I have changed my mind several times on the Aliens so they are only about half way done, but they aren't as complicated as the soldiers so I hope to wrap them up quickly and move on to getting the base finished.

The office. Still need to work on the pants, sword and helmet.

The Private. Pants, gaiters and touch ups

The Sergeant. Pants, gaiters and touch ups

Alien Leader. Needs lining and the whole jumpsuit needs to be gone over again.

Alien Gunner. About the same as the leader. The gun needs some more work as well

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