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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Modeling Calamity - Back to the Model

Way back at the beginning of 2013 I introduced the concept of making a scale model of Calamity (a typical practice by model railroaders) before actually putting saw to lumber. This week, almost exactly 2 years later, I'm going to actually start purchasing the framing materials and begin work on the boards themselves. The buildings are just taking up space and gathering dust in my workroom right now and I think that working on the actual board will provide the incentive I need to get in there and finish them. 

To that end I pulled out my model of Calamity and stripped all the clay off (that was kind of messy) and with "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" playing in the background I started getting ready to re-model the town. I though I should go back and review what I had done before so I dug up my old posts and linked them in here.

Building Calamity - Tinkering with the board

Modeling Calamity
Modeling Calamity II
Modeling Calamity Finished
Modeling Calamity Things are Changing

With a fresh slate to work with I started messing around with the layout of the town again last night. I did make a couple of decisions while going through this process.

1) I'm not going to use my Knuckleduster or Gamecraft Miniature buildings. I don't like the proportions of the Knuckleduster buildings or the really thick trim on the Gamecraft buildings. Not to mention that since all the buildings will have interiors the Gamecraft buildings are just to much extra work. They are fine products, they just aren't suited to my vision. I'm not sure if I will sell them off or keep them for other nefarious purposes though.

2) I believe that I stated that I wanted the railroad to more a focal point in a previous post. I'm going to keep that in mind during this redesign.

3) I may have to lose the stream. I don't want to lose the stream as I think it adds a very visually exciting element, but it really takes up a lot of real estate.

4) I need to toss my models of the Gamecraft and Knuckleduster buildings and make new models for my 4Ground buildings.

That's the plan so far. I have a few pictures of what I did last night:

After stripping the clay off

A new layer of clay

Tracing out some roads and just messing around

A street view 

I kind of like this version

Street views


  1. Good stuff Kris! Looking forward to watching this progress!

    1. I'm probably going to remake all the buildings as well as the new ones and dress them up a bit more. What I have found quite interesting during this project is referencing the Sanborn insurance maps and seeing what is actually in some of these buildings, Nothing like a little research!