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Monday, March 9, 2015

Reaper's BONES II, The Return of Mr Bones - Kickstarter Rewards

Reaper finished up shipping on their 2nd Kickstarter last week. I was in wave 10 so close to the end of the shipping process. So this very large 15# box  was on the porch when I got home. So it seemed appropriate to do a some "unboxing" pictures. One more successfully delivered kickstarter that I can check off the list. I have really dropped off on my Kickstarter support over the last year, I'm doing a better job resisting the siren's call. I'll keep this short and just get straight to the pictures.

The big box

Apparently filled with fillers (thank goodness it wasn't foam peanuts I hate that!).

Admittedly I didn't get very much. A printed thank you in the box was a nice touch. I also found a slip used by the person that pulled my order. In this case Ladystorm. If you have been on the Reaper Forums then you know that Ladystorm is one of the forum moderators.

This is what took up most of the box. Three copies of Dragons Don't Share II. One for me and the other two are going out to friends.

The little stuff. Bags of 25mm and 50mm bases, Hill Giants, the Kraken, Narthrax (dragon) and Troll Slayer Sophies (two for me, the last one goes with one of the DDSII). Looks like I can add some more to the plastic pile! I actually haven't managed to paint any of my BONES minis yet.


  1. Cool. Thanks for getting those for me.

    1. No problem. That was just one Troll Slayer Sophie, right?